Website redesign is online

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After dozens of different versions and iterations, the redesign of my website is finally live. Not only are the visuals, also the technical implementation was done by myself. All the code is handmade.

Some technical background:
The site is powered by WordPress, an open source CMS (content management system), built on the Bones wp theme and hosted by uberspace. The Bones theme is more a basic skeleton, that gives you a solid foundation to build on it, rather than being an actual WordPress theme.

Uberspace is an interesting webhoster, because it’s somehow different from most of it’s competitors. You get a pay-what-you-want webspace with (almost) full access to the server. And you do need it, because there’s no fancy web interface for administration.

Something that I “forgot” to do, was optimizing my website for the Internet Explorer. Sorry, but I won’t spend that extra time for a browser that does not support web standards properly. Go and grab one of the alternatives (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, …) or update to IE10.