Waypoint Animations

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Promotional Motion Graphics

Client: Waypoint Leasing, USA
Agency: DAHU Agency, Texas, USA
Work: Storyboard, Module Design & Motion Graphics
February 2017

In preparation for 2017 HeliExpo, I developed a set of modular motion graphics for Waypoint Leasing. The set includes seven content segments and two different logo animations. Planning the animations as modular segments allowed for quick turnarounds, corrects and reuse at other trade shows.

The Waypoint expo both in 2017 featured a super wide curved LED panel wall. With an aspect ratio of 17:2 this created an 8 meter long video strip and provided a very different canvas for motion graphics. Here are a few impressions of the super wide video format:

All motion graphics are tailor made for two different sizes and aspect ratios. Here’s a glimpse at the version for 16:9 screens: