Siivouspäivä iPhone app

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iPhone application

Aalto University, School of Art and Design
Work: User interface & iOS Development
May 2013

Siivouspäivä (Finnish for Cleaning Day), is a new day of celebration for friends of secondhand and urban culture. It turns cities into giant seconhand markets, where anyone can sell or give away their old things. More information about Siivouspäivä itself is available on

The app development started with a Hackathon in the Aalto Media Factory. Of course, I wasn’t possible to develop a full featured app within a day. But I’ve decided to continue with the development in the following week.  The app was submitted in time and was available for everybody 5 days before Siivouspäivä started. On Saturday May 25th, It got even into the Top10 download charts in Finland.

Try it out yourself! The app is available for free on the iOS AppStore.