Osuma.fi redesign competition

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website redesign competition

Client: Osuma.fi
January 2013

Osuma.fi is a Finnish community for rating, reviewing, and recommending companies in your neighborhood. Some would describe it as the finnish version of Yelp. They announced a redesign competition in cooperation with the Design Department of my University.

My concept is built around the idea of putting maps in a more centralized position. The startpage always shows a map of the¬†surrounding¬†area (based on the user’s IP-address). The result is a more¬†structured¬†and visual¬†representation. Furthermore it¬†adds¬†gamification elements on the start page, for example, it shows recently earned badges and other achievements.

The maps are based on OpenStreetMaps and styled with Mapbox.

Start page comparison (redesign on the right side)

Company page comparison (redesign on the right side)

A detailed view of the start page