Ambient Elevator

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Interactive, intelligent elevevator prototype

h_da university project
Work: interaction design, visuals, animations, prototyping
January 2012

The Ambient Elevator was a university project of last semester.We as (group of 7 students) decided on creating a so-called ambient elevator, that knows how many and what people enter the lift. Depending on what mood they are in, where they are standing and what they are doing our ambient system chooses from a wide range of different modes that we call “boxes”. The overall goal, however, is to surprise people with positive emotions, regardless of the active box.

We executed two modes: An underwater chill mode and a disco modeI was involved in interaction concept, visual concept and execution, technical realization, pre-rendered animations and presentations. To show our project we also created a real elevator prototype cube [Dimensions about 2m x 2m x 2m].